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Trekking poles and hiking staffs are standard equipment for many walkers, hikers, trekkers, backpackers, and snowshoers. The reasons why are simple: They enhance your stability and provide support on all types of terrain by protecting your knees when walking downhill.


 Poles allow the muscles of the upper body to “take over” some of the cushioning tasks often assumed by the quadriceps and smaller, discrete muscles that support the knee. This means that hikers using two trekking poles experience less knee pain—especially during descents, but also on level terrain. They also make ascents easier. Poles allow the muscles of the upper body to “help out” the legs during ascents. Walking up a steep hill, hikers with poles immediately notice that the ability to push off with poles gives them a distinct advantage. Poles can also correct posture during ascent, keeping your head elevated and your lungs fully expanded. One great advantage is increased stability, the occasional stumble is part of any hike. Poles provide two additional points of contact with the ground and enhance stability. Poles also allow hikers to brace themselves on their poles to remain steady and upright, instead of falling after a stumble.


To get the most out of trekking poles or a hiking staff, following these steps will help you make the right chose for your next adventure.

Single or double: You’ll start by choosing between a pair of trekking poles or a single hiking staff.

Find the right length: You’re aiming for a 90-degree bend at your elbow when pole tips touch the ground.

Choose features: Adjustability, foldability, shock absorption, weight and locking mechanisms (for adjustable poles) are just some of the features and options that will guide your buying choice.

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